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White Paper

BPM Capabilities in the CRM Landscape


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an overall strategy to help you learn about your customers and their behavior in order to develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. CRM applications can be used to manage customer accounts, contacts, opportunities, products, marketing, etc. but previous CRM initiatives that focused on sales, customer service or marketing activities have left many companies with soloed, disjointed processes instead of a holistic process flow.

CRM workflow capabilities enable simplified automation of end-to-end business processes. Business process management workflow capabilities enable organizations to streamline various time-consuming customer-related processes. The more processes that can be automated, the more employees can focus on their core competencies.

By aligning their CRM strategy and BPM initiatives, companies can deliver better customer value. Moreover, it is recognized that traditional customer-facing applications are being superseded by process-driven applications from BPM vendors. Further, this change is driving faster decision-making and flexible information processing while ensuring compliance with corporate policies and reducing the cost of changing applications.

There was once a simple choice in CRM software – buy off the shelf. Today, we can also opt for BPM engine-driven CRM. As CRM systems usually consolidate data from different source systems with the help of data warehousing tools (Extract Transform Load), in this white paper, we describe the capabilities of these tools and recommend when to adopt BPM engine-driven CRM.