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White Paper

“BPM on Cloud” as an Innovative Solution to Meet Today’s Extreme Business Volatile Markets


Today’s global markets demand constant performance and innovation in business processes. For most part of the last decade, organizations have looked for large packaged applications to streamline, automate and manage processes. Organizations often used Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and similar applications to consolidate data into one centralized system, thereby resulting in more efficient end-to-end processes, better visibility and improved business performance.

While customers have generally been satisfied with packaged applications, especially with structured process that remain fairly static and stable over time, it is important to note that most critical business processes do not remain static.

Extreme business-cycle volatility is the norm in today’s economy as the pace of business change continues to accelerate. Even when one or more packaged applications support a specific set of business changes, there are still large portions of the business that remain uncovered. Business Process Management (BPM) arose, in large part, in response to the deficiencies of traditional enterprise applications.

BPM emerged as both a management principle and a suite of software products focused on bridging diverse systems, people and processes. Although BPM has huge potential in the present market scenario, it alone cannot fulfill all the needs of today’s rapid and volatile markets. Hence today’s solution for better, faster and cheaper methods to host complex systems is BPM on Cloud.

In this white paper, we present real case studies where TCS has implemented BPM solutions for the utility, insurance and manufacturing industries, to highlight how BPM is capable of addressing dynamic business changes and the emerging importance of BPM in cloud computing.