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White Paper

Benefits of CRM Going Social


The era of the passive customer is gone and a new concept, that of the social customer has evolved. The customer of today is vocal – expressing his/her thoughts about the products or services used, creative – suggesting innovative ways to change the products or services for the better and collaborative – helping marketing companies decide upon their next course of action. All this has been made possible by the phenomenal growth of social media.

In this white paper, we highlight how you can leverage the power of social media to increase your market presence and build healthy relationships with customers by introducing the products that customers want.

Social media serves a dual role:

  • Helps a company learn about how it and its products are perceived
  • Helps a new buyer gather feedback on a particular product or service before deciding to invest in it

With the birth of Facebook and other digital communities, social media has been deemed a territory of the marketing and communication departments of several companies. As the landscape matures, companies are beginning to realize and embrace the medium’s wider potential.

Social media can play a vital role in enhancing customer service, obtaining customer feedback and even developing the right kinds of products. Hence, it is critical for businesses to get social data out of a silo and into the hands of business leaders.

Social CRM Solution:
The social CRM solution is nothing but a listening and monitoring platform that allows the real-time tracking of and responding to customer conversations from within the CRM system across various social channels. To optimize the use of such a solution, it should be embedded within the CRM application to ensure that customer support activities are carried out in an integrated manner.

Today, several organizations are taking advantage of social media by building collaboration and engagement platforms to connect with social networks and linking them with their CRM systems.

Organizations that have implemented this solution have achieved the following benefits:

  • Building social leads from collaboration platforms
  • Creating product and service forums for customers and partners to exchanges ideas
  • Providing links to the knowledge base to answer technical queries
  • Providing customers with timely information, guidance or assistance
  • Obtaining rapid social responses from Facebook, Twitter and other such social sites
  • Enhancing customer service

CRM going social can have many other benefits, which are mutual to the organization and its customers. Companies that are in constant connect with their customers can understand their needs and grievances and take immediate action. This would lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention and improve the revenue, market share and brand value of the organization.