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White Paper

BI - Today and Tomorrow


For more than two decades, organizations have been leveraging business intelligence (BI) platforms with the sole objective of “management by facts” for business benefits. 

Traditionally, BI platforms spanned the following components: 

  • Information Integration (e.g., ETL, EAI / ESB, CDC)
  • Information Storage (e.g., Data Warehouse, Cubes, Metadata)
  • Information Analytics (e.g., Enterprise Reports, OLAP Reports, Dashboards and Data Mining)

Over this period, the landscape of BI has changed with the touch of business integration and innovation. And this change is not just limited to the corporate world. The police force using advanced BI to bring down the crime rate with an agile work force, military operations using predictive analytics to move troops for desired results and GIS-based tsunami early warning systems are a few live examples of how BI systems have matured to benefit humanity. 

BI is definitely one of the most important business initiatives, which has shown a positive impact on the health of organizations. A lot of questions are raised regarding the definition and the scope of the BI platform to get clarity on the maturity of the BI initiative and the technology backbone to yield business benefits. After getting the desired benefits from the BI initiative, the usual question has been “What next?”.

This paper gives a perspective on the advancements in the BI technology platform expected in future.