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White Paper

Real-time Patient Health Monitoring with Connected Health Solutions


Connected health solutions help healthcare providers remotely monitor a patient's health parameters and provide suitable diagnosis. In this paper, we look at current challenges and a suggested framework for Connected Health Solutions using Bluetooth low energy.

An increase in the aging population, incidence of chronic lifestyle diseases and huge costs incurred to provide healthcare to citizens, are driving healthcare stakeholders worldwide to pursue remote monitoring and personal health management seriously.

A connected healthcare environment enables access to critical medical parameters across the healthcare ecosystem, thereby facilitating remote health monitoring. This means that health service providers can access the patient health data remotely and prescribe medicines or diagnosis tests without the patient being personally available in the hospital, thus reducing the overall healthcare expenses.

This will lead to the development of intelligent medical devices that remotely monitor the patient's health parameters and enable the health service providers to take an informed decision on diagnosis, prognosis and medicine prescriptions to the ailing patient.

A Connected Health Framework integrated with Bluetooth low energy devices can benefit patients, caregivers and health service providers by offering:

  • Seamless and instant data connectivity.
  • Data security and confidentiality using secured network protocols and auto-synchronization even when the health data is uploaded to medical industry-specific cloud servers.
  • Communication through standardized protocols with wider support and security
  • Innovative, cost-effective features like PHI, real-time graphical data display, data archiving and feedback

This paper presents our thoughts on the suggested framework for connected health solutions using Bluetooth low energy that will establish wired or wireless communication between the personal medical health devices like blood pressure monitors (BPM), weighing scales, pulse oximeters, digital thermometers and glucometers, among others.