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White Paper

Connecting the Business, Development and Operational Dots in an Enterprise (BizDevOps) - A TCS Approach


Enterprises need to realize a strategy that spans the entire value chain, from business requirements to deployment to improve business agility and efficiency. BizDevOps is an attempt to push the barriers on how business strategies are effectively implemented and improved, using solutions that go beyond best practices.

In this white paper, we demonstrate an approach on how the business, development, assurance and operation teams can effectively collaborate through a model-driven, service-oriented and automated way to improve business agility and efficiency, termed as BizDevOps.

The BizDevOps elements are described below:

Knowledge engineering principle is the basis of BizDevOps to capture domain knowledge in the form of models and reuse the knowledge to increase efficiency in the entire value chain. Systems thinking principles are used to understand the system interconnectedness and capture the business, systems and value models to build knowledge repository.

Automation is an important facet in achieving BizDevOps that is obtained at various levels. Automation in test case generation from business process model helps improve agility and productivity. On the other hand, automation in service delivery mechanism as a part of production management activities can improve time-to-market, thereby providing customers with a competitive advantage.

The Collaboration bus maintains consistent knowledge that helps in sharing the information among the stakeholders to foster collaboration within the project teams.

BizDevOps aims to bring the stakeholders together on a unified platform that builds the next generation production support and service delivery capabilities.