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White Paper

Driving Digital Enterprise Success: Building Agile IT



As enterprises compete to cope with the ever changing market needs, going digital would enable them to deliver products and services quickly to the market. IT has become the very backbone of a digital enterprise. In this paper, we discuss a ‘3+1’ capsule strategy through which enterprises can achieve IT agility.


Digital is driving business innovation and enterprises are adopting different techniques to deliver high quality products quickly to the customers. This results in more revenue and improved customer experience. For any digital enterprise to achieve business agility, making the IT agile is the way forward.

This paper recommends a ‘3+1’ capsule strategy for achieving IT agility. The key focus areas of this paper are:

  • How digital drives organizational success
  • Core lean agile principles on which every enterprise should focus
  • The three pillars on which agility should be driven

In this paper, the focus is on how enterprises should direct all their efforts towards making their IT systems agile by first identifying and implementing core lean agile principles and then focus on the three pillars of organizational structure, processes and methodologies and engineering practices.

A growing enterprise needs to bring a culture of agile not only for better ROI, but also for enhanced customer experience. To know more on the ‘3+1’ capsule strategy for IT agility, download the complete paper here.

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