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White Paper

Digital Reimagination in the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing firms are using digital technologies to reimagine their businesses in entirely new ways.

Read this report for more on the impact of these digital initiatives, the business capabilities automotive and industrial manufacturers are focusing on, their challenges and key success factors.

Everyone's spending on digital. But each industry uses a combination of the digital five forces - Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and Social Media – in different ways to transform its processes, business models, products and services, customer segments and channels, and workplaces.

How are manufacturing firms using digital technologies to reimagine their businesses in entirely new ways? This report presents the findings from our survey of automotive and industrial manufacturers across the globe, about their digital strategies, investment, and plans.

Automotive and industrial manufacturers are planning to use social media, mobile apps, digital sensors, and other technologies to build closer connections to end customers and monitor how they are using their products. They are also relying on digital technologies to improve their existing business processes. They hope to achieve more accurate demand forecasts, improved customer assistance, and greater employee feedback. What's more, manufacturers are intent on having a clear and unified digital strategy, seeing this as a clear success factor.

Digital-Reimagination-Manufacturing-IndustryOver the rest of this decade, many automotive and industrial manufacturers will be using digital technologies to connect themselves to their end customers and monitor the way they are using their products. The impact for many promises to be nothing short of revolutionary: troubleshooting their products while customers use them and even fixing them before customers know it, as well as selling new digital offerings (services, infotainment, data, etc.) by which customers can get more value from their cars, tractors, construction equipment and heavy equipment. In each industry, such changes are likely to play out differently, and at different speeds.

In this report, we highlight the changes under way in both sectors, and what companies say is ahead on the digital front for them over the rest of the decade.

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