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White Paper

Digital Reimagination of Communication Providers


The new digitally empowered consumers demand a plethora of services spanning content, communications, and enterprise services. The services - leveraging the burgeoning smart device ecosystem- are expected to be delivered seamlessly via unified engagement channels  with consistent quality of experience.

In this paper, we look at the digital consumer economy at length – its services and

stakeholders- and explore how Communication Providers can leverage the digital five forces - mobility and pervasive computing, big data and analytics, social media, cloud, and artificial intelligence and robotics – to lead value creation in the digital ecosystem.

With the maturing of digital five forces, Communication Providers require a paradigm shift in ways organizations run, perceive customers, evolve processes, conceive products and services and make business decisions. To be a value leader in the digital consumer economy, this paper espouses Digital Reimagination of Communication Providers across six organizational dimensions – business models, channels, processes, workplaces, customer segments and products and services.

Evolution of the Digital Consumer Economy

The world economy is on the verge of the next wave of growth powered by all things digital. This digital revolution heralds a paradigm shift in the way information is generated, aggregated, dispersed, subscribed, consumed and shared by us.The digital evolution ushers in a new era of hyper-connectivity triggering multi-imensional/multi-directional information and data flows spanning devices, appliances, and all things connected.

Into this all pervasive change driven by all things digital and a new legion of digitally aware consumers, there emerges a digital consumer economy where enterprises, governments, communities, and communication service providers cohabitate, partner and cooperate to deliver digital services to the end consumer. To lead value creation in the digital consumer economy, it is pertinent for all key stakeholders –Communication Providers including OEMs, Equipment Vendors and Communication Service Providers – to comprehensively reimagine their business models, customer segments, products and services, channels and business processes.

 Importance of Digital ReimaginationTM

TCS views Digital ReimaginationTM as leveraging the power of the digital five forces to reimagine six areas of an enterprise – business models, channels, customer segments, business processes, workplaces and products and services. The digital five forces – mobility and pervasive computing, big data and analytics, social media, cloud, artificial intelligence and robotics - are maturing and precipitating the shift from the internet economy to the digital consumer economy. 

Digital ReimaginationTM of Communication Providers

The immense power of the digital revolution can be realized and subsequently leveraged upon only if organizations including Communication Providers recognize the far reaching impact of the digital five forces. 

Reimagining Service Delivery Infrastructure to Power New Business Models

The success of Digital Reimagination and specifically business model reimagination, hinges on the ability of the Communication Provider's service delivery infrastructure to enable it. It is thus pertinent to reimagine service delivery infrastructure for future needs to power a reimagined business model.

The first phase of Communication Providers' transformation focusses on driving value from the core aided by integrated cloud services capable of delivering infrastructure, network and other core services to customers and enterprises alike in a B2C, B2B and B2Bx context.

Reimagine Communication Channels in the Digital Era

  • Integrated channels: Providing seamless and consistent quality of experience across all engagements with the customers, spanning all product and service lines.
  • My Channel: Leveraging customer insights to develop personalized channels of engagement with the customer.
  • Right Offer, Right Channel: Selecting the right channel, backed by customer insights, to deliver offers for greater uptake. In this scenario, multi-pronged channel delivery capability becomes as critical as devising the right offer.
  • Intelligent Channel: Leveraging a context-aware and social-aware channel backed by analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver the right quality of experience to the customer.

 Unlearn and Reimagine Customer Segments

  • Segment of One: Driving offers to customers based on their usage, consumption, and associations such as social interactions.
  • Customer Relevance: Understanding the current and future consumer needs through customer insight, analytics and artificial intelligence, and driving offers based on behavioral disposition.
  • Deliver Experiences not Products: Delivering experiences to the end customer by stitching several products and services across channels.

Reimagine Business Processes

It is pertinent to anchor an overarching transformation in the service delivery infrastructure with commensurate process and systems infrastructure transformation. 

  • From 'inhibited-by workflows' to 'enabled-by workflows': Re-engineering internal and external processes, including partners' - aided by dynamic workflows and service orchestration - to deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience across customer acquisition, on-boarding, service delivery and service assurance.
  • Maximizing 'Money' Value Chain: Enhancing revenues through large customer wallet share, by offering partner services and bundled services, aided by partner marketplace, lean operations and proactive service management. For example, offer bundled Olympic Games broadcast and mobile data services for a fixed fee or through sponsored ads.
  • Customer Experiences Driven KPIs: Assigning and measuring KPIs based on their ability to drive customer experience. Thus, KPIs should reflect 'Quality of Experience during a customer's video conference call ' rather than 'number of call drops per 1000 hours'.

 Reimagine Workplaces of Digital Era

  • Mobile Device Management Solutions: Instituting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with personal and professional workspaces leveraging robust policy management and remote device management solutions to ensure device security and enterprise data protection.
  • Virtual Office: Providing seamless workstation experience by virtualizing the office environment, including printers, storage, files, and computing power leveraging cloud-enabled service delivery platforms.
  • Enterprise App Stores: Creating internal app stores allowing enterprises to disseminate apps through a secure environment.
  • Unified Communication Services: Drawing synergies to facilitate communication, collaboration and engagement across business units and geographies.

Reimagine Products and Services

Reimagination of products and services mandates a shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric products and services philosophy, driven by deep customer insights, commitment to meet customer demands and deliver superior quality of experience, anywhere, anytime and over any device. 

Digital Reimagination, an Anchor for NextGen Communication Providers

The digital revolution has unleashed exciting opportunities for Communication Providers. With the emergence of connectivity as a fundamental anchor of digital revolution, Communication Providers' position in the continually evolving value chain is critical. Digital revolution is the Communication Providers' moment of reckoning. To attain a sustaining competitive advantage and to be a partner of choice for enterprises and consumers in the digital era, it is incumbent upon Communication Providers to lean on their core strengths in connectivity, experiential services (content, touch services), and customer relevance (insights). Communication Providers should fully leverage the transformative potential of the digital five forces and reimagine their organization to the core, including customers, processes, channels, workplaces, and products and services for the digital era. It is pertinent for Communication Providers to choose the right partner before embarking on a Digital ReimaginationTM Program to lead the next wave of digital revolution.