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White Paper

Focusing on Customer Journey Design: Guiding Communications Service Providers on Customer-Centric Operations



To deliver leading-edge performance, communications service providers (CSPs) need to ensure customer-oriented operations. By orchestrating a unique customer journey design, they will continue to delight and engage with customers at every step of the interaction cycle. 

Shifting to Customer-Focused Operations : CSPs understand the advantages of transitioning from network- and product-focused business models to customer-centered frameworks. Not only does this offer customers a unified brand experience across channels, but it also assures them of the telecom operator’s focus on serving them better. 

This paper delves deep into how CSPs can offer differentiated services, by placing customers at the center of all transformations.

Blueprinting a Rich Customer Journey: To develop a structured customer experience roadmap, the authors suggest that CSPs need to first articulate the different customer interaction stages. In-depth insights on customer experience from the customers being served as well as telecom employees and other external sources, help derive information on current performance levels and refine them. While customer micro-segmentation helps develop targeted products and services, customer interaction mapping and the effective management of touch points helps optimize brand communications based on requirements.  

Achieving Targeted Customer Experience Levels: It is important for CSPs to define the target customer experience for each journey, and keep customers notified at relevant lifecycle stages to reinstate their confidence in the brand and enhance their overall experience. While the Net Promoter Score helps measure customer experience, it can complemented by customer experience KPIs to comprehensively map customer impressions throughout. A robust governance model can also ensure that CSPs remain committed in their customer-focused mission.