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White Paper

Integrated Digital Marketing: The Key To Understanding Your Customer


Life sciences organizations have their own set of challenges in strategizing their digital marketing - disconnected channels, multiple customer touch-points, industry regulatory guidelines on leveraging digital channels specifically social media, and isolated digital marketing operations. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies need to build the best possible integrated digital marketing services to establish two-way targeted communication that is compliant with applicable regulations.

Life sciences companies have exercised caution in adopting digital channels, perhaps because of the small user base, the highly regulated nature of the industry as well as the unclear industry guidelines on social media usage. However, the emergence of online professional and patient communities and the increased usage of social media, mobile, online information seeking and sharing by patients, Healthcare Professionals (HCP), Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and the larger medical fraternity have prompted pharmaceutical companies to explore and invest in digital marketing strategies within industry guidelines. Another significant driver for digital marketing adoption is the growing need to streamline internal (within the organization) communication to improve work efficiency and employee satisfaction.  

By leveraging digital channels through a well-defined strategy, pharmaceutical companies can effectively connect with their customers at large. 

In this white paper, we provide insights into the following areas: 

  • Digital marketing trends
  • Life sciences digital landscape
  • Fragmented digital marketing challenges
  • Need for integrated digital marketing services for life sciences organizations
  • Building blocks and focus areas to implement integrated digital marketing services
  • Delivering value through integrated digital marketing services