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White Paper

The Road Ahead: Low-carbon freight logistics for the 21st century


The freight logistics industry faces a great business opportunity in the decades ahead: Through a mixture of individual company actions, smart policies and industry collaborative efforts, it can decouple its emissions from its expected 2.5-fold growth in demand following a business as usual scenario.

In this white paper, we argue that major cuts in freight transport greenhouse gas emissions are not only possible, they actually make good business sense; indeed, they will be necessary to stay in the game. Through collaboration, by optimizing networks and operations; and by taking full advantage of the readily available economically viable low-carbon technology and fuel options, the industry can become more resilient and adapt better to the more rapidly evolving business environment of the next few decades.

Learn how many companies are already embracing collaboration through freight exchange platforms, lane trading, slowing down supply chains and maximizing reverse chain opportunities. They are doing so for business reasons and are reaping the rewards.