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White Paper

Mobilizing Manufacturing


The manufacturing industry has merely touched the tip of the mobility iceberg. Even as companies are freely exploring the mobility space, unplanned implementation of mobility solutions may lead to challenges at a later stage. A strategic game plan is, therefore, necessary to leverage the true power of mobility. In this white paper, we focus on industry-specific applications, which can draw business value out of mobility.

Not since the time of widespread adoption of LEAN manufacturing principles in the Western world, has there been such great excitement in the industry, as is there today with the advent of mobile technologies. Mobility presents a great new opportunity to drive business and process transformation across the industry, providing a vehicle for reengineering that can restore the competitive edge to manufacturers.

The mobile industry and technology strategists are already working on pan-industry challenges. These include the integration of multiple mobile platforms, frequent upgrades of operating systems, data security, usage of personal mobile devices at work and the “bring your device to work” phenomenon, interfacing with core IT and telecom infrastructure without being disruptive, integrating with suppliers and buyers, and many more such aspects.

Creating Value through Mobility

A fresh approach to mobilizing manufacturing takes into account two points:

  • Mobility applications vary across the manufacturing value chain
  • Mobility applications vary across industry verticals

By mobilizing the principles of “just in time” and getting it “right the first time,” mobility can create value by focusing on two vital differentiators:

  • Time to market
  • Cost to market

Mobility Reference Framework

The business scenarios that can benefit from mobility are embedded in the matrix of the industry vertical and the manufacturing value chain. TCS has created a simple framework that helps discover this value to enable the faster adoption of mobility. This reference framework can help identify scenarios where mobility can create value.

In this white paper, we take a look at how mobility can help alleviate the pain of the “Seven Wastes of the Manufacturing World.” We also explore the modern-day tablet and smartphone, with rich visual and interactive real-time experience, and the value they bring to the technology backbone that already exists.

The frameworks provided in this paper are designed to provide a think-pad for action and explore aspects that make the mobility experience for your company sustainable, enabling you to deliver long-term business value and differentiation.