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White Paper

A New Paradigm in Testing


Testing, is one of the areas of the development cycle that, faces severe time and resource constraints due to the increasing complexity and the race for time-to-market. This white paper by Pierre Audoin Consultants sheds light on the use of an integrated test suite approach over the individual and independent point solutions.

Quality Assurance and testing in the present day is looking at a more future-oriented approach. A testing framework or a solution that allows an intelligent integration of point testing solutions to form an adaptable testing environment, allow the teams to integrate the solutions into their chosen testing suite to deliver an integrated and consistent approach.

The PAC whitepaper takes TCS’ Intelligent Testing System (ITS) as a good example of such an integrated, smart, intelligent and futuristic approach across the software testing life cycle. It states that TCS is taking the next step and moving from a pure IT service delivering organization to an organization packaging its experiences and know-how from numerous software development projects into a productized testing offering.

Services organizations, to make a successful transition to selling software products – in this case, testing suites – require professional product management, product marketing and product branding efforts – skills not very common in service delivery companies. TCS is addressing these challenges to compete with traditional test suite providers. The ITS solution is based on matured and proven software components that allow flexible and seamless integration of testing point solutions.

The paper points out that TCS’ global market building initiatives and its investment in positioning itself in markets like France, Germany, the Nordics, the UK would help it address the challenging and tight testing market.

Read the whitepaper on the PAC site.

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