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White Paper

Product Approach for Next-Generation Content Management System


With the exponential growth in content, Content Management System (CMS) is being increasingly used in managing structured and unstructured data. Hence, a product line approach is needed to architect the CMS to meet the needs of an enterprise.

This paper describes the experience and journey of developing a full-fledged CMS and its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products across conceptualization, architecting, designing, planning and building core assets.

A CMS can manage information specific to a website, application or data repository. Hence, the objective was to come up with a home-grown solution to eliminate software license cost, vendor lock-in, have full ownership and use open source products to avoid licensing and legal obligations.

Firstly, the reference architecture for the base model of CMS was created considering the business needs of the modern world. Subsequently, Enterprise Content Manager products for Web Content, Digital Asset, Document and Knowledge System were developed.

The key components for CMS are:

  • Content Storage, creation and retrieval
  • Content Security
  • Content Workflow
  • Content Services
  • Web Content- storage, editing and management
  • Content preview
  • User Interface for content/website creation, preview and management

Current market trends and research on various products and technology has influenced the software product line approach.

Learn how the product line approach has resulted in the successful building of Web content management product and paved the way for future CMS products.