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White Paper

Realizing the Promise of the Internet of Things


While Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to create significant economic impact as well as create new services, business models and ways of living and working, there are questions on the potential loss of privacy and ease of adoptability leading to concerns on the real benefits that it has to offer. This white paper proposes a comprehensive approach for deploying an IoT set up which will help enterprises to securely connect, manage, and control the designated IoT network.

An IoT governed scenario appears to be fundamentally different from the successful communications that occur between connected devices present today which involve a closed loop system of connected point-to-point devices and telemetric measures.

This paper proposes a four step approach to deploying IoT devices, platforms and environments.

  • A = Authentication and Authorization
  • B = Behavior
  • C = Correction and Change
  • D = Disable and Disarm

The various sections of this white paper, take a look at each of these steps in detail through examples of an IoT enabled home network. While simplistic in nature, we believe that if we can successfully and effectively integrate a series of household components, it becomes relatively easier to apply IoT to the more complex industrial processes and operations.