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Redefining Agile to Realize Continuous Business Value



In this highly competitive environment, enterprises need a highly responsive IT landscape to stay ahead of the competition. This paper looks at effective ways to apply agile principles to the entire business value chain to build a truly agile enterprise.

IT has become the backbone of digital businesses. IT systems need to be highly responsive to deliver market demands, repeatedly at high speed and quality. This need has led to increased adoption of agile approach and practices across the business value chain of an enterprise. In case of large enterprises, the agile processes need to be scaled up and extended across the demand to deploy value chain. Enterprises need to make use of a combination of technology, management structure, governance and skill sets to realize agility and continuous business value.

The paper discusses how enterprises should adopt agile across the value chain, helping them drive continuous improvement, collaboration, interaction and delivery thereby, increasing the enterprise’s responsiveness. It discusses the various challenges that the organizations have to overcome to realize the full potential of agile.

For experiencing greater benefits from agile, enterprises need to deploy Agile methods beyond application development, ensuring incremental value to the end users.

To know more on how agile helps enterprises to realize continuous business value, download the complete paper here.