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Reimagining Life Sciences Sales and Marketing: The Key to Understanding Your Customer


With diverse digital touch points such as social, web, and mobile gaining popularity across the customer base, digital marketing today, is perceived as a cost-effective marketing strategy to improve customer connect. In keeping with this trend, life sciences companies are trying to improve, define and design their digital marketing strategy.

So far the life sciences companies have exercised caution in adopting digital channels, perhaps because of the small user base and highly regulated nature of the industry. However, the emergence of online professional and patient communities and increased usage of social media, mobile, online information seeking and sharing by patients, healthcare professionals (HCP), and the larger medical fraternity have prompted pharmaceutical companies to explore and invest in digital marketing strategies within the industry guidelines.

Traditionally and over the years, life sciences companies have been leveraging digital channels using an isolated approach rather than an integrated one. The key challenges of using such a ’fragmented digital marketing landscape’ are:

  • Lack of consolidated operational and strategic metrics across various digital channels
  • Lack of business process harmonization
  • Independent and fragmented digital promotion
  • Multiple IT solutions for similar digital marketing services across geographies and business units of an organization
  • Inability to reuse digital assets
  • Involvement of multiple stakeholders and decision makers
  • Lack of compliance and regulation implementation
  • Lack of synergies across services, products, and markets associated with digital marketing

Delivering value through Digital Reimagination

However, there is an emerging need for the Life sciences companies to develop integrated customer centric solutions by leveraging all the digital forces, rather than incremental, disconnected innovations to reimagine their business. The combined use of these technologies will help life sciences organizations to:

  • Increase cost efficiencies and maximize return on investment
  • Enhance ‘digital marketing decision-making’ through better analytics
  • Ensure faster and effective customer reach for promotions and campaigns
  • Enable reusability of digital assets to reduce costs
  • Seamlessly deliver marketing initiatives with flexible and scalable solutions
  • Facilitate mapping of right channels across right geographies for the right products and services
  • Improve customer behavioral analysis and segmentation that correlate to future sales
  • Build brand loyalty by delivering value-adds to all stakeholders
  • Enhance customer experience across all digital communication channels
  • Deliver consistent message across channels