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White Paper

Risk, Cost and Quality: Key Factors for outsourcing QA and Testing


In this white paper, IDC Research, in association with TCS, shares insights on key factors like risk, cost and quality while selecting a partner for outsourcing quality assurance and testing services in Europe.

IDC in association with TCS has conducted a research to gain insights into key factors for Outsourcing QA and Testing in Europe. The research involved interviews with 400+ senior IT decision-makers across Europe. 

The research highlights:

  • The current state of the Internal QA / Testing Functions
  • Need for Improvement in QA Activities
  • Usage of Quality Metrics
  • Level of Test Automation

In addition, it also throws light on the future plans for organizations on Cloud based Testing and Adoption of Agile Techniques.

The research shows that strategic improvements are required as a matter of urgency and that it is difficult for organizations to drive the full concept of test quality into their organizational culture without effective partnerships. Without a fresh look at emerging trends and approaches, IDC believes that any drive for quality risks becoming isolated and tactical, when actually a strategic IT QA response is required. In addition, IDC also provides essential guidance for selecting the service providers for the future.