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White Paper

Streamlining Distribution in the Pharmaceutical Industry



The healthcare value chain is evolving into an inter-connected and cost effective model - where pharmaceutical companies will focus on and invest in securing distribution management as well as complying with emerging regulations. Re-imagining business relationships with third-party service providers involved in packaging, labeling, distribution, storage, shipment, and transportation of goods can enhance supply chain operations.

Challenges in demand supply management increase the supply chain risk due to node extension and necessitate increased (near) real-time supply chain visibility, multi channel management, and trade compliance. With increasing segmentation, we foresee four distinctive models emerging in the context of pharma distribution. They will be influenced by technological innovations, service focus, healthcare reforms   and progress in personalized medicine.

In this paper, we assess three high impact areas that pharmaceuticals companies should streamline for effective supply chain management:

  • Inventory visibility
  • Sensitive products’ storage and shipments
  • Distribution network redesign