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White Paper

Technology Review and Trends in M2M Communication


Machine to Machine (M2M) communication is on the rise. There will be more machines connected to the Internet than human beings in the next decade. M2M technologies transfer data on the condition of physical assets and devices to a remote central location for effective monitoring and control.

While M2M concepts and technologies have been in use for quite some time, the changing business scenarios and newer use cases act as growth stimulants. Greater demand for M2M solutions is primarily being triggered by the widespread adoption and proliferation of affordable wireless communication.

In this white paper, we provide insights into M2M growth, its use cases across industries and overall ecosystem for adoption. We also highlight the various challenges expected in M2M deployments and delve a bit deeper into the Smart Home scenario and describe specific solutions developed by TCS in the areas of smart energy and home entertainment.

The intended audience of this paper includes Corporate Technology Office (CTO) level executives, heads of engineering and product managers.