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White Paper

Improving Efficiency in Business Process Services through User Interface Re-engineering


In a typical BPS scenario, when agents access multiple applications and/or screens during a process, frequent toggling not only increases the probability of committing errors but also increases the average turnaround time.


In this white paper, we propose a systematic and planned redesign of the user interface (UI) of these applications to reduce non-value-adding motor and retinal movements, and facilitate easy identification of the relevant information. This potentially translates to increased productivity and effectiveness of agents, and thus, greater end-customer satisfaction.

A scientific and structured usability assessment has to be performed In order to assess feasibility and viability of UX based UI re-design for BPS operations.

The Usability Assessment consists of:

  • User Centered Analysis (UXA)
  • User Centered Design (UXD)

The UXA focuses on activities like understanding business goals, marketing and branding goals, identifying target users, creating personas and profiles, implementing various data gathering methods, creating scenarios and task flows, and developing Information Architecture. The Information Architecture developed during the UXA step is a key input for developing the Visual Design which will be developed in the UXD phase. 

In order to get the best yield from a UX assessment, it is important to analyze an experience setting including the users, their goals, feelings, activities, and data complexities and assess the same for the feasibility and viability of UX based UI re-design. Typically a UX based UI re-design engagement starts with a pilot study. The pilot study is aimed at analyzing the IT applications at a high level. The pilot study typically results in a comprehensive proposal to perform detailed UX study as per the agreed scope and the deliverables between the client and the business process service provider.

Read on to find out how UX can be implemented across business operations for improved accuracy, efficiency and turnaround time.