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White Paper

Bringing Certainty and Speed to Decision Making with BizDevOps

Vinay Kulkarni, Chief Scientist, TRDDC and Ajay Panse, Innovation Evangelist, TCS


For an evolving organization, enterprise agility is an imperative and it is largely dependent on the business leader’s ability to respond quickly to market forces with right decisions and the organization’s capacity to execute these decisions. But, the conventional approach for making enterprise decisions based on adhoc consulting, intuition, or past experience is not sustainable and this needs to change.

Enterprise modeling is useful in optimizing decision making and assessing its likely impact. Organizations have been using standalone models to make decisions regarding specific business requirements. However, the need of the hour is an integrated, dynamic, comprehensive, and machine processable model that can adapt to an evolving enterprise.

BizDevOps, an integrated and dynamic modeling framework, is instrumental in creating more adaptable organizations. It captures a living model of the enterprise and links it to DevOps. It helps enterprises understand the changing business environment and make informed decisions without compromising on certainty.

This paper discusses how BizDevOps can help bring speed and certainty to enterprise decision making for building intelligent and adaptable retail organizations.