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Cloud based mobile testing: can do, but with whom?


Tips for selecting the right cloud-based mobile testing service provider

In the presence of numerous types of smart phone devices, platforms, apps, network operators and languages available, apps for handheld devices need to be tested for a vast range of parameters and test data secured in a single location for mobile testing.

Quality assurance (QA) and testing professionals must also achieve faster time to market, improved affordability, and increased return on investment (ROI) with the mobile testing.

In comes the cloud
So, given these market demands, why is the cloud an increasingly viable option for mobile testing? Well, because, cloud-based testing is highly scalable and asset light, as it allows on demand, pay per use models for services hired. Assurance service providers and professionals can set up their own infrastructure, or rent it from cloud testing service providers. They can test complex mobile apps that run in distributed component based environments, using various scripting languages and integrated development environments (IDEs). By doing so, they can achieve numerous benefits for their customers.

Raining benefits
Cloud based testing services are pre-standardized. Thus, they free testing teams from spending costly resources in configuring test environments.  Moreover, cloud-based testing has the advantage of providing mobile device management, an otherwise complex and time consuming activity.

Many cloud based mobile testing service providers today offer comprehensive test capabilities – performance testing; load testing; stress testing; capacity testing; failover testing; app security testing; governance, risk and compliance testing; latency testing; and browser testing.

Cloudy issues
Here are five aspects you need to consider before you choose a service provider suited to your enterprise needs:

  • Capabilities
  • Performance on priority
  • Security
  • Contracts
  • ‘Per Use’ models and pricing
  • Other allied costs

Blue sky
Cloud based mobile testing provides a playing field in which you can utilize cloud infrastructure to easily, quickly and affordably test apps virtually in a real world environment, using multiple devices, platforms, OS’, screen configurations, carriers and human languages. Cloud based mobile testing services are the future – a quality assurance model set to become the norm.

Cloud providers have the potential to be transformative business enablers but can also become an information security nightmare if not selected and managed well. A detailed discussion with your prospective service provider about the issues highlighted in this article should ensure a watertight cloud based mobile testing service arrangement. As cloud-based services involve strategic relationships that could extend for many years and provide a host of benefits, looking at issues from a longer term perspective is well worth one’s while.