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White Paper

Driving TDM Evolution through Automation


Shorter life span of business imperatives and growing regulatory pressures are leading organizations to re-think their approach to test data management. Risk of data breaches and non-compliance penalties necessitate the provisioning of quality, de-identified test data with referential integrity.

Success of IT projects for organizations depend on quality test data that offers referential integrity and complete functional coverage. Organizations, provisioning quality test data that need to be delivered on time, are faced with challenges like:

  • Regulatory compliance for protection of confidential or sensitive data
  • Referential integrity across systems
  • Data quality issues
  • Data Refresh issues

This article looks at how automation, where implemented within a well-defined framework, can mitigate Test Data Management challenges and help organizations meet regulatory and business objectives in a cost-effective and time-bound manner.

Driving TDM Evolution through AutomationAutomation-led TDM Framework
TDM can also offer a standardized, rule-based approach for data masking and data integrity ensuring provision of quality test data across systems.

Bearing in mind, the key points - regulatory compliance, automation, data quality, data reusability and data integrity, a robust framework (indicated in the diagram) can help organizations design an automation-driven TDM solution.

The paper talks about the features of such a TDM framework and goes on to predict trends in Next Gen TDM that TCS foresees, including challenges and opportunities.

It concludes reiterating the provisioning of quality test data with referential integrity as a key concern and points to an automation-led TDM framework as a possible solution to the challenges.

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