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White Paper

An Effective Approach to Driving Agile Delivery

Sudharsan Narayanan, Digital Transformation Manager, TCS


A combination of technological complexity and unresponsive processes prevent IT from responding quickly to evolving business requirements. Hence, ensuring faster responses to business demands necessitate sustained Agile excellence, not merely an Agile transition.

To sustain excellence, organizations need to foster a culture that encourages an extensible, integrated and feed-forward adaptation of Agile and Lean best practices. A judicious combination of Agile and Lean best practices needs to be considered in the context of the culture and targeted objectives of an enterprise. Imposing meticulous adherence of Agile as a mere process defeats the very spirit of agility.

This paper discusses a transformational approach that will help organizations drive agile IT delivery by embarking on an integrated Agile journey supported by an extensible process framework and a continuous feed-forward culture. Such a comprehensive context-driven model can be tuned for both agility and stability modal objectives, offering inherent support to the new normal 2-speed enterprise IT.