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White Paper

How Intelligent Neural Automation can be a Game Changer

Dr. Harrick Vin, Vice President and Global Head of Digitate, TCS


Traditional methods of running IT and operations, and deploying automation in pockets are falling short in today’s complex business environment. There is a need for automation that is designed to accommodate change, diversity and a high degree of complexity. This new and more intelligent approach to automation is what we call ‘Neural Automation’.

Under the neural automation approach, IT systems mimic the human brain, by acquiring the ability to sense, think and act, and make intelligent and contextual decisions on their own to automate IT operations and business processes. It helps the enterprise to reduce total cost of enterprise IT and operations, enhance organizational resiliency, drive better business outcomes, and deliver increased business value.

This paper illustrates how retailers can drive this intelligent automation in their organization with a first-of-its-kind ‘Services-to-Software’ model and reimagine IT services delivery by enabling autonomous operations through self-learning systems. It’s time now to move the human intelligence from ‘doing things better’ to ‘doing better things’!