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White Paper

Simplify IT to Accelerate Digital

Aashish Chandra, Global Head of Technology for Retail & CPG, TCS


Today, digital revolution and changing customer expectations are forcing retailers to reinvent their business models continuously through technology and innovation. However, retailers are struggling with a highly heterogeneous and complex IT environment comprising different technologies, platforms, and infrastructure. This complexity is, in turn, adversely impacting their ability to scale up and become future-ready.

A retailer’s ability to respond quickly to a shifting market could decide whether it will disrupt the ecosystem or be disrupted. To keep pace with consumer expectations and meet business demands, retailers need to undertake Simplification programs to help manage their IT complexity and ensure scalability and agility. Simplifying IT will create a definitive source of competitive advantage for them.

This paper discusses an architectural and holistic approach to simplification that will help retailers redesign their technology landscape and its processes, and lay the foundation for a robust digital enterprise. The author, based on his experience, shares the top five best practices retailers should adopt to ensure the success of their simplification programs.