Supply Chain Management

Bata CFS streamlines global supplier sourcing with 97% solution utilization of custom procurement app

Bata Procurement System (BPS) application, developed by TCS, has helped Bata CFS streamline global supplier sourcing, track organizational metrics and integrate order systems to achieve higher on-time delivery.

About the Client
Bata China Footwear Services (Bata CFS) is a global sourcing organization that caters to Bata Emerging Markets (BEM) group companies' sourcing requirements.

The Business Challenge
At the beginning of every quarter, Bata CFS conducts a shoeline review meeting (SRM), where regional buyers of Bata can place orders based on samples showcased by various suppliers. With no consolidated system in place, buyers relied on traditional methods (i.e. taking photos of samples, writing down shoe details) to note details and later place orders through multiple means (i.e. basic online system, spreadsheets, or paper based orders). This resulted in buyers spending more time on transactional tasks and frequent manual reconciliation of orders.

Bata CFS decided to partner with TCS to leverage TCS' digitization solutions and vast industry experience to streamline the management of their large supplier and contract manufacturing base.

TCS Solution
To streamline supplier management and the procurement process, TCS deployed a cloud-based solution, the Bata Procurement System (BPS), made available on both the web and mobile in a synced manner. The TCS team developed a Custom Order Management application, using mobility and pervasive computing to offer round-the-clock order visibility. TCS experts benchmarked existing organizational processes against leading fashion and footwear retailer systems to identify improvement opportunities, especially across delivery channels, and implemented best practices to standardize operations. The success was highlighted in the Bata Newsletter.

By using TCS' application, Bata CFS has streamlined operations, with a well-defined target operating model for sourcing. Bata CFS buyers can evaluate supplier performance based on demand-driven capacity planning and unified workflows, and notifications and alerts for any exceptions. Sourcing driven by the supplier scorecard has led to superior service levels, quality, and pricing.

Bata CFS has already recorded improvements on certain KPIs, including cost savings through the Costing module implementation. Further, analysis of the mobile app versus web app usage by buyers has revealed that 97% of usage was reported from the mobile app, a solution utilization KPI that signifies the app's success.

The mobile version of the app won the Bata Award 2015 for its performance, an indicator of the business value delivered by TCS' solution.

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