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Adaptive Shipment Budgeting Solution

Streamline your shipment budgeting processes to yield improved financial KPIs and faster time to market with TCS' Adaptive Shipment Budgeting Solution.

Increasingly, organizations in the transportation industry have had to adapt to changing conditions to stay competitive and efficient. One area that impacts efficiency is the budgetary process that involves numerous iterations, each requiring significant time and effort to negotiate multiple systems for an impact analysis.

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Our Solution 

TCS' Adaptive Shipment Budgeting Solution (ASBS) facilitates ‘what-if’ analysis on forecasts generated by back-end engines, providing an intuitive, integrated view of historical and forecasted budgetary parameters. With our solution, you can examine the key metrics through a single-window view, receive guidance on historical trends, make adjustments and check the impact on the related parameters. Our solution also allows you to finalize the optimum values and make online manipulations. 

ASBS allows you to change business parameters online and view the related business impact. Additionally, you have a more efficient way to acquire buy-ins from multiple stakeholders, where they can see the impact of changes in their respective departments instantly. Most importantly, the single-window view reduces budget cycles significantly, without having to navigate multiple systems or worksheets.


  • Improves your financial KPIs by enabling a more efficient budgeting process.
  • Decreases your budgetary cycle time and effort by allowing you to make changes, view impact of changes and manipulate (save changes) data on run-time.
  • Provides you a highly intuitive, integrated and holistic view of the various business parameters involved in the budgetary process.

The TCS Advantage

    With our extensive domain understanding built through years of working with global industry leaders from the transportation industry, we offer you the right solution that will help you achieve your business goals. 

  • Our focused solution, combined with our ability to deliver solutions customized to your requirements, enables faster time-to-market for you. 
  • Our dedicated Transportation Innovation Lab provides an environment to ideate, incubate and develop innovative solutions using emerging technologies. Our comprehensive 360 degree interconnected research ecosystem enables us to develop transformative, research-based solutions for our clients. Additionally, our lab acts as:
  • An Innovation Center that continuously analyses industry trends and challenges and offers solutions to the strategic challenges of the transportation industry.
  • An Extended Partner to address the specific needs and concerns of our clients and influence new business solutions.

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