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TCS Connected Mailbox Solution

With rapid growth in the e-commerce industry, businesses demand a seamless and integrated parcel delivery system. In order to ensure delivery partners do not make unnecessary trips to mail centers to collect or drop off packages, coordination is vital. Implementing streamlined delivery and collection processes is therefore essential.

Our Solution

Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS’) Connected Mailbox Solution is an integrated IoT-based solution which streamlines parcel delivery. It ensures that corporates and delivery partners can view the status of a parcel through the mobile app. Delivery partners can access the smart mailbox installed at a particular location with a one-time password.


By using TCS’ Connected Mailbox Solution, organizations can benefit from:

  • Significant time and cost benefits due to optimized pickup and drop-off routes
  • Enhanced customer experience through provision of real-time updates on items due for collection and delivery

TCS Advantage

By partnering with us, organizations can gain from:

  • TCS’ postal and logistics industry expertise
  • Advanced technology solutions developed in TCS’ dedicated Transportation Innovation Lab
  • TCS’ digital expertise gained from strategic partnerships with industry leaders

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