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CrewCollab Solution

Enhance crew collaboration using TCS`CrewCollab and achieve improved customer satisfaction and stickiness, process efficiency, enhanced communication among crew and increased employee satisfaction 

TCS’ CrewCollab, a tablet based solution, provides cabin crew with complete passenger information, enabling them to provide better service and enriched customer experience. The solution also enhances crew productivity and enables them to stay connected with their peers and the larger organization.

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Cabin crew lack access to timely, relevant, complete, and easy-to consume customer information, thus limiting their ability to provide the enriched customer experience they need to deliver. Low process automation on board flights results in crew spending valuable time working with paper based manifests and service lists.
With TCS CrewCollab, airlines can enable their cabin crew to delight customers every single time. Our solution helps carriers integrate, digitize, and transform in-flight services through a range of capabilities across multiple functional areas:

  • Flight information and CEM: Helps crew members learn more about passengers—their preferences and experiences with the airline, special services requested, and so on
  • Voyage digitization: Supports recording of data on flight, crew, and customer related processes, replacing multiple paper-based forms
  • Enterprise - crew information: Enables the cabin crew to access different types of information, ranging from updated safety manuals to rosters and circulars, helping them stay connected with the enterprise
  • Catering Information: Provides crew with catering information such as uplift and galley plan and enables two way communication between the crew and the passenger
  • Enterprise social plugin: Provides an enterprise social platform that allows cabin crew to connect and collaborate with their peers

Solution Benefits

  • Improved customer satisfaction and stickiness: Deliver an enriching customer experience by empowering your crew with detailed passenger information. Enable crew members to treat each passenger as an individual, have engaging conversations, and provide personalized service.
  • Improved process efficiency: Eliminate cumbersome paper based in-flight processes and bring in process automation, thereby freeing up crew time.
  • Enhanced communication among the crew and the enterprise: Ensure access to relevant information by seamlessly updating the enterprise and other crew members on crucial information about flights and passengers, which is captured by any crew member.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Provide an enterprise social platform for airline crew to interact and share. Empower crew to receive organizational notifications, alerts, and even access rosters anytime, anywhere.

The TCS Advantage

By partnering with TCS and deploying our CrewCollab solution, you gain the following advantages:

  • Proven solution: TCS has deployed and tested the solution in partnership with Singapore Airlines, validating its technical and domain capabilities with Singapore Airlines’ business expertise.
  • Flexible engagement model: We offer you the flexibility to decide how you deploy CrewCollab in your organization. You can choose between the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, hosted on the TCS cloud, or the license model.
  • Airline domain and technology expertise: TCS has a focused business unit and a dedicated Travel Practice to cater to the specific needs of the airline industry. With over 20 years of experience in the airline domain, TCS conceptualized, developed, and deployed an industry-first iPad based solution to help cabin crew improve customer experience.

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