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Freight Accessorial Mobile Application

TCS’ Freight Accessorial Mobile Application calculates the add-on services used at the point of delivery with the help of real-time data recorded by sensors installed within delivery vehicles. This verifiable data allows transportation firms to bill their customers correctly, thereby resulting in improved revenues and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

TCS’ Freight Accessorial Mobile Application for Android-based mobile devices harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT), involving various sensor-enabled ‘smart’ devices, to capture data related to customized services, in real-time. This allows logistics companies to accurately measure freight accessorial services used at the PoD, thus paving the way for smooth expense recovery.
The application also empowers delivery teams with various other tools which provide information on subsequent deliveries, route optimization, and navigation


  • Increased freight accessorial revenue: Realize higher revenues by effectively recovering costs related to freight accessorial services
  • Shorter collection period: Shorten the receivables collection cycle by accelerating your billing process. Avoid disputes and unnecessary iterations concerning freight accessorial services
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Enhance customer experience by providing a fully transparent set of freight accessorial charges
  • Superior deliveries: Use ‘smart’ tools for route optimization and location navigation to optimize your in-house delivery process, and thus gain competitive advantage.

TCS Advantage

  • Domain expertise: With our extensive domain understanding built over more than 20 years of experience in supporting logistics companies, TCS has developed a transformative solution integrating digital mobility solutions with IoT devices.
  • Transportation innovation hub: Our dedicated Transportation Innovation Laboratory provides an environment to ideate, incubate, and develop new solutions for the industry, using emerging technologies. TCS’ comprehensive, 360-degree, interconnected research ecosystem enables us to develop breakthrough solutions for our clients. Our innovation hub analyzes industry trends to create solutions addressing strategic challenges faced by the transportation industry.

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