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Integrated Rail Asset Management

Achieve maximum asset utilization, higher efficiency, better service quality and improved railway safety with TCS' Integrated Rail Asset Management (IRAM) framework.




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Our Solution 

Our holistic solution ensures effective maintenance of both linear and point assets. By treating data itself as an asset, our solution facilitates root cause analysis, the identification of solutions that meet operational safety requirements, reductions in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and minimization of downtime. Above all, it enables informed decision making in real-time.

It helps you implement and support the global rollout of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) products, and provide maintenance support for them. It helps you to integrate with myriad technologies and applications, legacy systems, ERP modules, mobile devices, Geographic Information System (GIS) systems, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, remote asset monitoring systems and timetabling solutions.

 Our approach includes: 

  • Enterprise asset management domain consulting, covering maintenance strategies such as Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and the entire asset management lifecycle 
  • Engineering solutions such as modular switching and crossings and the design of renewal and refurbishment schemes that allow the network to continue operating 
  • Simulation and forecasting of rail degradation due to changes in load factors and the provision of appropriate rail to optimise lifetime cost
  • Digitization of unstructured data and drawings that enables their use on mobile devices 
  • Mobility application platforms to support the deployment of mobile devices. 
  • Implementation of EAM and LAM products and their integration with legacy systems


  • Gain a cross-functional view of maintenance enabling maximum use of possessions
  • Rapidly identify the root cause of asset related problems and thereby improve asset availability with lower downtime and reduced asset failures  
  • Enhance employee productivity and support informed decision making and reporting on the go with the increased use of mobile devices. 
  • Optimize full lifetime costs through the increased use of predictive maintenance approaches
  • Maintain accurate drawings and data, thereby increasing safety and reducing the need for resurveying prior to the commencement of projects 
  • Effectively manage data through the design, build and operate phases of the asset lifecycle

The TCS Advantage

    Our Integrated Rail Asset Management approach focuses on the collection and analysis of data in order to optimize interventions and enable maximum utilization of track possessions. TCS' approach to this industry is strengthened through our: 

  • Group approach: Working closely with other group companies, we provide a unique combination of competencies, delivering an edge over other systems integrators. We partner with:
      • TATA Steel, a major supplier of rail, switches, crossings, and sleepers, with extensive rail asset knowledge and a major user of the network. The Rail Projects Division designs major infrastructure enhancement and refurbishment schemes.
      • CMC Informatics is involved in the design and development of safety and non-safety critical hardware and software. As an Independent Verifier and Validator (IV&V), it has expertise in all the three sectors of the signaling domain – comprising wayside signaling (vital and non-vital), central office systems, locomotive, and on-board controls.
  • Engineering Industry Services business unit that provides offshore engineering design and build services for a wide range of industries.
  • Alliance partnerships with the leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Linear Asset Management (LAM) software providers in the market.
  • Domain expertise in the airlines, water, gas and power utilities sectors that further enriches railway engagements. 

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