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Internet of Things (IoT)

The digital revolution has brought about a transformational shift in the way travel, transportation, and hospitality companies operate. With the demand for connected products increasing, organizations are looking to use the power of digital technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) to deploy seamless, efficient, and eco-friendly operations. TCS understands the unique opportunities that IoT creates for the travel, transportation, and hospitality industry.

Our Solutions

Smart Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Solution: Logistics service providers and fleet operators across the globe spend considerable time and effort complying with various mandates such as driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) aimed at enhancing operational safety. Most companies follow paper-based reporting to ensure DVIR compliance, making the process tedious, error prone, and time consuming. TCS' Smart Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Solution leverages the power of the IoT, cloud, analytics, and mobility to automatically gather and process the data required for DVIR compliance.

Connected Mailbox Solution: Exponential growth in the e-commerce industry has fuelled the demand for streamlined and cost-effective parcel delivery systems. TCS' Connected Mailbox Solution improves consignment traceability and issues real-time notifications, improving the effectiveness of mail and parcel delivery system for retail and business customers.

Freight Accessorial Mobile Application: Transportation companies find it particularly challenging to recover unbudgeted costs related to freight accessorial services used by customers at points of delivery (PoDs). This is due to unavailability of accurate data to process invoices.  TCS’ Freight Accessorial Mobile Application helps logistics companies accurately calculate the costs of customized services provisioned at a PoD.

Shipment Misroute Management System: Leading logistics companies are constantly challenged with shipment misrouting. This impacts all phases of the shipment delivery cycle, causing significant revenue loss to logistics companies. TCS’ Shipment Misroute Management Solution is an integrated, IoT-enabled offering that alerts dock workers if a wrong shipment is loaded. The goods are tagged with RFIDs, which relay location information to the monitoring system and dock workers’ wearable devices. Similarly, transport units are equipped with beacons, which map the shipment’s location to the final destination, and notify concerned dock personnel in case a mismatch is found during the loading process. 


  • Enhance the functionality of their existing systems and ensure efficient use of resources
  • Improve the ability to forecast to  make timely business decisions
  • Offer hyper-personalized and differentiated customer service

TCS Advantage

Domain Expertise: TCS has more than two decades of experience enabling travel, transportation, and hospitality companies transform their business. Our dedicated Innovation Lab for the Travel and Hospitality industry helps incubate futuristic ideas, co-innovate with customers and academia, and develop frameworks and prototypes of game-changing solutions. The TCS Connected Universe Platform is one such offering that accelerates the development and deployment of IoT ecosystems.

Centers of Excellence: TCS has set up an IOT CoE  in collaboration with Intel. Located at our Hyderabad campus, the state-of-the-art center focuses on developing IoT use cases for various industries.

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