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Optimize your transportation operations and ensure improved customer service through TCS' transportation solutions built on Oracle Transportation Management(OTM).

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Our Offerings 

To help you in your transition to OTM 6.x solutions, TCS has developed a set of offerings based on OTM to meet the needs of single-mode business, complex multimode business, and global multi-business enterprises. By configuring complex multi leg, multi modal, cross dock and transshipments operations we can help you optimize the movement of goods and thereby reduce transportation costs. By integrating your core business processes with logistics processes, our Transportation Management Systems (TMS) solutions enhance visibility of orders and ability to track shipment status closely, thus facilitating monitoring and planning. Our offerings can help you bring accountability in your operations and also help you uncover hidden costs and arrest revenue leakages. 

Our offerings include the following: 

  • Transportation Basic Solutions: Basic solutions are built on OTM 6.x standalone with custom integrations with other systems addressing the needs of inbound and outbound logistics. The basic solution covers rate and route, transportation orders, planning and execution, point-to-point and multi-modal logistics. 
  • Transportation Advanced Solutions: Advanced solutions are offered with pre-built integrations of OTM 6.x with Oracle EBS or other ERP Systems. The Advanced Solutions cover rate and route management, quote management, transportation orders, planning and execution, multi-mode and multi-leg itineraries, hubbing, cross docking, and freight billing and settlement. These also include solutions for fleet management, continuous moves, cooperative routing, appointment scheduling and global trade management (GTM) for global trade compliance. 
  • Support Services: TCS provides a wide variety of support services which include Application and Infrastructure support for standalone OTM and OTM+ EBS solutions. 
  • System Integrations: TCS is a renowned system integrator with global presence and strong delivery capabilities. We can help you seamlessly integrate OTM with Oracle EBS or other ERP platforms and third party applications. 
  • Upgrade Solutions: Smooth upgrade to 6.x versions from older versions of OTM (G-log).


Our offerings on OTM automate your workflow and logistics management and ensure systematic enforcement of business rules, multi-modal planning and optimization. We can simplify your systems and support your core businesses and decision-making to bring you multiple benefits such as: 

  • Increased visibility: Our custom solutions maximize your visibility of transportation events, enabling transparency and greater insights into product movement and overall performance. This visibility allows you to continuously monitor and control your logistics processes more effectively. 
  • Fast deployment and savings in implementation costs: By following rapid implementation approach, our offerings accelerate the OTM deployment process significantly by utilizing solution accelerators such as pre-built processes on OTM, conversion scripts, data templates, saved queries, custom screens, standard reports, and solution documents. This enables you to reap the benefits of OTM faster at a relatively lower cost of ownership.
  • Improved collaboration and greater flexibility: Our offerings ensure greater collaboration with suppliers, carriers, and third parties to create an optimal transportation process. They enable a smooth integration of OTM with other core functions like HR, finance etc. supported by ERP packages like Oracle EBS or SAP. These help in smooth claims settlement and dispute resolutions; build transparency and greater flexibility. 
  • Improved efficiency: In addition to the efficiency improvements brought by OTM, our offerings bring in productivity gains and efficiency by using pre-built business monitors, Transportation Intelligence reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that focus on continuous improvement.

    The TCS Advantage

    At TCS, we leverage our global experience in the OTM implementations and in logistic industry domain to develop offerings that will help you achieve your business goals. Our technical edge is highlighted by our investments in Oracle technologies such as Fusion Middleware and database, which help in providing comprehensive solutions encompassing all layers of the stack. We support the engagements with the following: 

    • Best-in-class solutions: Transportation solutions on OTM are built with best-in-class business practices and process knowledge gained from several implementations of OTM systems and ERP products like Oracle eBS. 
    • Logistics domain experience: We have a dedicated business vertical for travel and transportation industries, with a large pool of Subject Matter Experts in the logistics domain. They bring extensive experience in business consulting and logistics process re-engineering.
    • Vast experience in OTM and ERP product implementation: TCS has product experience on OTM and has delivered complex engagements. TCS is a “Platinum Partner” of Oracle solutions and also has alliances with other ERP platform vendors. TCS has an established Enterprise Solutions Centre of Excellence (Entsol CoE) that focuses on developing offerings to address ERP related needs of our customers. 
    • Tools and methodologies: Our OTM Solution Center provides methodologies and assets that comply with our Technology Maturity Model. We bring in our proprietary tools like MassUpload, ESwift etc., frameworks and artifacts that can act as solution accelerators to enable rapid implementation. 
    • OTM Lab: TCS has established a dedicated OTM Lab (OTM 6.x) that develops Proof of Concepts (POC), builds solution accelerators, and focuses on the latest trends in this domain to deliver solutions catering to your specific needs.

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