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Gain real-time visibility into operations across multiple terminals, and optimize asset utilization, with TCS’ Ports and Cargo Solutions

Lack of visibility into operation across multiple terminals increases turnaround time for container stacking and unloading and cargo receipt and delivery, thus accelerating operating costs for port and terminal operators.

TCS’ Ports and Cargo Solutions provide an integrated system to manage logistics, warehousing, and billing processes across multiple terminals. We help businesses gain real-time visibility into operations, and enable automation of critical workflow related to daily operations, reducing the total cost of ownership

Our Solutions

  • Integrated ports operations system: The integrated interface enables effective management of container and cargo
  • Marine container handling system: Integrates terminal and container freight station operations; facilitates efficient EDI messaging and reporting; leverages radio frequency identification (RFID), optical character recognition (OCR), mobility, and LNPR  technologies for effective operations management
  • Cargo terminal management system: Automates all functions of cargo terminal operations, ranging from order registration to invoicing


Port authorities, terminal operators, stevedoring firms, and warehouse companies can reap the following benefits by implementing TCS Ports and Cargo Solutions:

  • Lower TCO: Reduce your total cost of ownership through automation of end-to-end workflows for tasks such as container stacking and unloading and berth allocation
  • Improved operational efficiency: Optimize resource utilization by gaining real-time visibility into operations
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Reduce waiting time for ships at ports and terminals. Facilitate online voyage registration and cargo manifestation for customers
  • Better compliance: Effectively use inter terminal vehicles to minimize your carbon footprint
  • Enhanced growth: Automate the billing process for terminal operations to plug revenue leakages

TCS Advantage

  • Domain expertise: Our dedicated Port and Cargo group has developed specialized solutions for the industry. Our domain consultants have in-depth understanding of various processes related to terminal operations
  • Delivery excellence: TCS Port and Cargo Solutions have a proven record of delivering 99% uptime, with guaranteed first call resolution for 60% to 65% of instances
  • Flexible solution: Our solutions can be deployed on the cloud–public or on-premise–based on your business requirements. We provision a single instance of the solution for integrated port operations across multiple terminals and depots

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