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TCS provides a portfolio of offerings to help postal companies grow both traditional and emerging service lines. Our solutions help organizations boost operational efficiency through optimization of the mail network, deliver superior cross-channel customer experience, and reduce the time to market for new business initiatives.

As emerging communication platforms like instant messaging and social media continue to negatively impact traditional mail volumes, state owned postal companies around the world are striving to counter margin compression and revenue pressures. Postal agencies are therefore looking to diversify. Transportation and order fulfillment services, especially in the context of e-commerce, seem viable options.

Our Solutions | Benefits | The TCS Advantage 

Our Solutions

Business diversification

  • Financial solutions: TCS BaNCS, a suite of pre-configured and customizable products to support core banking, payments, compliance, financial inclusion, and more
  • Retail solutions: 'e-Com-in-a-Box', a customizable plug-and-play solution for e-commerce

Postal value chain

  • Field force and delivery fulfilment: Mobile apps, mobile PoS, parcel lockers, augmented reality and IoT solutions, direct-to-consumer fulfilment management, and so on
  • Order management: Omni-channel application spanning products and services, which allow the user to seamlessly switch transactions across channels, if and when needed 

Digital solutions

  • Customizable tools for hybrid mail, digital marketing, crowd-sourced product ideation, and more
  • Analytics solutions for customer segmentation, campaign management, product development and pricing, and more

Managed transportation services

  • Route planning and optimization, network optimization, GPS tracking and reporting, dispatch and label management, and more


TCS' solutions and services help you diversify your business to drive revenue and profitability. Our portfolio offers the following benefits:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Leverage TCS' managed transportation services to optimize assets, minimize revenue leakage, and enhance service efficiency. Cut operational costs by 15 to 30 percent by implementing our platform solutions for back-office functions.
  • Reduced time to market: Roll-out e-commerce platforms 25 percent faster and accelerate the launch of new business initiatives.
  • Improved organizational visibility: Gain a unified and accurate view into enterprise data for better risk management, timely reporting, and superior decision making.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Deliver superior customer experience by empowering your staff with innovative solutions. Ensure real-time consignment tracking and the capture of proof of delivery. 

The TCS Advantage

Partner with us to leverage the following differentiators: 

  • Domain expertise: TCS has more than 15 years of experience in supporting transportation industry players. Add to that, our extensive domain expertise in transforming core systems for postal companies, gives us a leading edge in this space. TCS has set up dedicated research laboratories for transportation and warehouse management to promote industry best practices and thought leadership.
  • Platform solutions: Our proprietary products, preconfigured and standardized processes, ready-to use accelerators, and integration frameworks, enable quick onboarding and seamless roll-outs. We also deploy effective control mechanisms to ensure a single point of accountability for infrastructure, IT, and business process management.
  • Digital transformation: Our domain experts have rich experience in business process modelling and design and implementation of digital solutions. TCS has instituted dedicated labs for usability, mobility, social, and Web 2.0, as well as a center of excellence for RFID technology. We have established strategic partnerships with companies like Apple, SAP, and Motorola to drive best practices in the digital space.

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