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Real-Time Slot Capacity Management Solution

Maximize your profitability by optimizing your vessel capacity utilization, trans-shipment management and real-time visibility of network status with TCS' Real-Time Slot Capacity Management (RTSCM) Solution.

The liner shipping business is complex and dynamic in nature and involves a number of stakeholders. Higher bunker costs, and under-utilization of capacity eat up a major share of companies’ income. To drive higher profit margins, liner companies need to achieve maximum load factor for each voyage and ensure that they pick the most profitable cargo.

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Our Solution 

Our RTSCM solution includes strategic views designed to offer enhanced visibility into capacity utilization and sales opportunities, pre-defined analytics to support decision making, and a pervasive feedback loop to present recommendations to sales and operations. 

The three components of RTSCM enable: 

  • Visibility into vessel opportunities - identifies the unutilized space available between various ports to support vessel optimization. 
  • Trans-shipment management - determines the status of on-carrier and pre-carrier trans-shipment cargo and indicates vessel opportunities on trans-shipment ports. 
  • Booking build-up - offers cumulative vessel booking trends (historical, actual, forecast) for a particular port during a given time period to enhance booking transparency.


Our RTSCM solution eliminates the barriers between real-time events and business decisions. It enables you to leverage favorable market conditions, global trends, price fluctuations, and other factors that directly affect your revenue. In addition, the solution benefits you in the following ways: 

  • Ensures better capacity utilization of your vessels
  • Improves capacity planning by providing visibility into the global impact of updated forecasted demand of full and empty containers on the network
  • Boosts revenue and profit with optimal allocation of capacity
  • Improves control through feedback to the systems supporting the business operations
  • Offers real-time visibility into the network status based on the booking build-up and updated forecast.
  • Provides you with more reliable forecasts, thus reducing the risk of unpredictable shortfalls and no-shows to improve financial KPIs

    The TCS Advantage

    With our extensive domain understanding built through years of working with global transportation industry leaders, we have developed the RTSCM solution to deliver business value. Our focused offering, combined with our ability to deliver solutions customized to your requirements, enables faster time-to-market.

    • Offer consolidated real-time visibility into network status based on the booking build-up and updated forecast, eliminating the complexities of working with multiple solutions
    • Automate the process of nominating containers for different voyages
    • Reduce network-wide stress through improved trans-shipment based on the status of connects

    Our dedicated Transportation Innovation Lab provides an environment to ideate, incubate and develop innovative solutions using emerging technologies. Our comprehensive 360 degree interconnected research ecosystem enables us to develop transformative, research-based solutions for our clients.
    Additionally, our lab acts as:

    • An Innovation Center that continuously analyses industry trends and challenges and offers solutions to the strategic challenges of the transportation industry
    • An Extended Partner to address the specific needs and concerns of our clients and influence new business solutions

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