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Transportation Management - Accelerated Deployment Solution

Today’s complex and challenging business conditions demand logistics service providers and shippers to have a greater control over their operations and at the same time be responsive to their changing customer needs.

An end-to-end Transportation Management Solution like SAP TM enables this by providing you the ability to meet client expectations, while offering improved visibility into the entire transport operations. SAP TM helps you improve service levels and resource availability, and reduces transportation costs by optimizing shipments. It helps you calculate and settle freight and shipment costs with greater accuracy, thereby minimizing the chances of disputes. Furthermore, SAP TM helps you improve regulatory compliance with reliable access to denied party and embargo lists for international shipping.

The Transportation Management- Accelerated Deployment Solution (TM-ADS) from TCS can help you realize these benefits of SAP TM faster and at a lower cost.

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Our Solution 

A solution framework for implementing SAP TM solution, TM-ADS was developed based on experience drawn from boot camps, partner testing, our understanding of transportation business processes, and industry best practices for implementation and rollouts. We have an in-house SAP TM lab and a focused team of SAP TM trained technical consultants with transportation domain knowledge. 

The solution also brings together knowledge repositories, pre-built components, and reusable assets, which can act as solution accelerators to ensure rapid deployment of the SAP TM solution. The accelerators include: 

  • Pre-configured business scenarios of shippers and LSPs
  • A comprehensive test strategy
  • A knowledge repository of SAP TM guide and process documents
  • Country-specific localization requirements
  • Checklists for rollouts


The TM-ADS framework brings together our transportation domain knowledge and our experience in SAP TM and other transportation management systems to ensure a successful SAP TM implementation. Not only does this improve the efficiency and effectiveness of rollout, but also: 

  • Accelerates transportation management implementation schedules, resulting in reduced implementation time, effort, and cost.
  • Connects you with our transportation domain experts and SAP TM trained consultants who offer implementation and solution support. 
  • Speeds up systems integration and improves connectivity.  
  • Offers comprehensive testing. 
  • Improves operational visibility using pre-built dashboards and transportation intelligence reports. Further, the KPIs help you focus on continuous improvement, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity gains.

The TCS Advantage

TCS is committed to the evolution of the SAP TM solution since its inception and has been working closely with SAP AG on the SAP TM roadmap. Our rich experience in managing multiple SAP engagements, and global network and presence helps us offer you a superior solution that combines: 

A rich pool of transportation subject matter experts and SAP TM consultants with extensive industry knowledge to help implement solutions quickly and efficiently. 

An in-house SAP TM 8.0 demo system that helps you better understand the process functionality. The solution lets you access the TCS SAP TM lab, which is responsible for the on-going development of pre-configured business scenarios of shippers and LSPs. 

A global alliance with SAP, which has helped us offer SAP services for more than 15 years now. TCS is also the first Global Services Partner for SAP from Asia since 2006. The strategic partnership spans from co-innovation to go-to-market initiatives in multiple areas. Backed by this alliance, we gain access to SAP organization’s expertise, and stakeholders to successfully deliver on various SAP projects and engagements.

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