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MRO solution for Airlines - SWIFT MRO

Enhance your airlines maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations with TCS' SWIFT MRO solution which is in-built with industry best practices, flexible implementation models and offers a wide array of futuristic solutions.

SWIFT MRO developed in collaboration with British Airways is a proven, SAP-based MRO software solution to manage end-to-end airline MRO operations. Developed on service-oriented architecture, it is a preconfigured business process transformation solution fully certified by SAP AG as adhering to Netweaver standards.

“Having successfully implemented an engineering-wide system based on SAP, we have identified a number of opportunities to enhance the solution and make it significantly easier to implement and use. Working with TCS, we have created a team that combines MRO industry experience with technology expertise to continually improve the effectiveness of our system, and believe we can offer this outstanding product to the market.”

                                               -  Garry Copeland, Director of Engineering, British Airways

Our Solution | The TCS Advantage

Our Solution

SWIFT MRO is equipped with features to help you with:

Maintenance Engineering

  • Regulatory and OEM document induction in terms of SB/AD for effective tracking and monitoring of compliance statu
  • Flexible maintenance plan management – including intelligent task scheduling, engine mix model management, and rule-based automated task initiation and terminatio
  • Reusable task card templates, which consists of information on resources, materials, tools and document
  • Configurable data upload workbench to upload high volume of data received from OEMs to SWIFT MRO solutio
  • Allowed, actual configuration check of an aircraft, components, and its related Field Loadable Software (FLS
  • Automated transfer of tracked parameters/counters of aircraft to components based on predefined settings and component phase-in and phase-ou
  • Detailed compliance and history reporting – including AD compliance, life-limited component status, maintenance history and movement history of components
  • Line Maintenance

Real-time line planning cockpit for maintenance operation control, which is integrated with flight operations

  • Planned task compliance and execution management – including transit and daily inspection and maintenance programs, and real-time material availability tracking
  • Unplanned defects and non-routine task management through technical log with real-time information of material availability, MEL/CDL -based defect deferrals and repetitive defect analysis
  • E-enablement – seamless eLogbook and FLS integration
  • Mobile ready – on-the-go task allocation, execution and material management
  • Customer line maintenance services that are seamlessly integrated with contract, task execution and financial reporting for fast and accurate billing
  • Hangar Maintenance

Configurable maintenance forecasting for repetitive maintenance tasks

  • Graphical maintenance planning workbench with due task status alerts for MPD tasks, modifications, deferred defects and structural inspections. In addition, our solution is incorporated with a feature that allows you to drag and drop tasks to work packages while planning
  • Aircraft maintenance status, slot planning, and automated weight and balance schedule updates
  • Automated collation of task cards and work package printing
  • Unplanned task management, including defect generation and structural reporting
  • Automated task scheduling and sequencing, load and capacity management, material provisioning and availability, job card recording and progress tracking
  • Customer heavy maintenance management – integrated task and financial data capture for fast and accurate billing
    Component and Engine Maintenance

Real-time integration with maintenance program – including on-and-off wing component maintenance requirements

  • Work scope planning, disposition of life-limited parts, disassembly/assembly of components, resource planning and material requirements
  • Subcontract processing of component repair
  • Task execution workbench which facilitates job card recording, progress tracking and generation of automated serviceability certificate
  • Customer maintenance management – integrated task and financial data capture for fast and accurate billing
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

Real-time integration with OEM material vendors – including automated SPEC2K integration

  • Automated Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – including system-driven material ordering and stock replenishment
  • Automated material allocation for planned and unplanned maintenance, and stock distribution based on the pre-configured stock movement strategies
  • End-to-end inventory management – including new buy, loans, exchanges, and in-house and subcontract repair processing
  • Advanced material forecasting – including historical consumption analysis, future maintenance program and modification requirements
  • Integrated warranty management – including aircraft and complex component level control
  • Mobile Ramp Maintenance

Real-time visit and order status updates supported by the ability to allocate tasks on mobile devices using 3G or WiFi

  • Material checking to create or change defects and complete, remove or print orders
  • Perform component change with ability to print tags anytime, anywhere tracking of serviceabilitystatus and team member work load distribution

The TCS Advantage

Domain experience: Working with global airline engineering corporations such as British Airways, we have developed extensive industry skills and knowledge. We also share a longstanding relationship with several airlines in multiple domains such as ticketing, crew planning and cargo.
Center of Excellence (CoE): We have set up a dedicated CoE for SAP Aerospace and Defense – MRO Solutions, where we develop solutions based on industry trends using the latest technologies. In addition to our implementation, support and upgrade experience on the SAP platform, we bring in best practices, accelerators, speed and cost-effectiveness in the implementation of new solutions, and in the management of existing solutions.
Alliances: Our partnership with British Airways enables us to leverage the business knowledge and experience of a premium global airline, for shaping both existing and upcoming solutions.

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