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Shipment Misroute Management Solution

Leading logistics companies are constantly challenged with shipment misrouting. This impacts all phases of the shipment delivery cycle, causing significant revenue loss to logistics companies. 

Our Solution

TCS’ Shipment Misroute Management Solution is an integrated, IoT-enabled offering that alerts dock workers if a wrong shipment is loaded. The goods are tagged with RFIDs, which relay location information to the monitoring system and dock workers’ wearable devices. Similarly, transport units are equipped with beacons, which map the shipment’s location to the final destination, and notify concerned dock personnel in case a mismatch is found during the loading process.


By using TCS’ Shipment Misroute Management Solution, logistics companies can benefit from:

  • Reduction in misrouted shipments
  • Increased yield per shipment
  • Improved service level agreement delivery
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

TCS Advantage

By partnering with us, organizations can leverage the following advantages:

  • Expertise gained from over 20 years of industry experience in anchoring transformational programs for global logistics and transportation enterprises
  • Breakthrough offerings developed by TCS’ Transportation Innovation Lab where our SMEs and technologists collaborate with industry experts and academicians for ideation and innovation

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