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Smart Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report Solution

Commercial fleet operators are required to submit daily vehicle inspection reports as mandated transportation departments the world over. The prevailing manual paper-based inspection reporting process is time consuming and tedious, often resulting in data inaccuracies.

TCS’ Smart Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report Solution automates the inspection data gathering and reporting process by harnessing the power of digital technologies. It minimizes inspection time and errors, maximizes productivity, and facilitates predictive maintenance.

Our Solution

TCS’ solution helps fleet operators transform the inspection process and optimize asset utilization. Leveraging the IoT, cloud, analytics, and mobility, the solution automates the end-to-end DVIR compliance process. It enables drivers to:  

  • Auto-populate the DVIR form with relevant data
  • Add additional information or remarks
  • E-sign the report and submit it electronically
  • Take preemptive vehicle maintenance actions


With TCS’ solution, fleet managers can:

  • Lower inspection time by eliminating manual processes
  • Reduce reporting errors through high level of automation
  • Simplify reporting by enabling electronic submission
  • Improve fleet efficiency and reduce costs through predictive maintenance

TCS Advantage

By partnering with us, you can take advantage of our:

  • Industry expertise: Extensive experience in working with global transportation companies enables us to build industry-specific capabilities and solutions.
  • Digital innovation: TCS’ Transportation Innovation Lab facilitates collaboration with industry experts and academicians, and helps develop innovative and transformative solutions using emerging technologies.
  • Continuous improvement philosophy: On-going analysis of industry trends and challenges allows us to address strategic industry-specific requirements, and design relevant solutions for better business outcomes.

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