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Apart from evolving customer and partner requirements, transportation industry players have to deal with changing market dynamics and fluctuating fuel prices. This makes it essential for organizations to ensure better integration across the supply chain.

TCS' solutions help transportation companies achieve higher operational efficiencies, contain revenue leakage, and gain real-time visibility into supply chain performance.

Our Solutions

Real-time Slot Capacity Management Solution: The solution identifies unutilized space available between various ports to ensure vessel optimization. It offers shipping companies visibility into sales operations for improved decision-making.

RoBIDS™: RoBIDS™ offers a unified and accurate view of information from numerous disparate data sources to help road-based logistics companies make timely and fact-based decisions. RoBIDS™ is a platform-independent solution that can be customized to specific business needs.

Transportation IT Solutions Built on Oracle Transportation Management: TCS has developed a set of offerings based on OTM to meet the needs of single-mode business, complex multimode business, and global multi-business enterprises. Our transportation management system solutions help companies track shipments closely, thus facilitating improved monitoring and planning. Our solutions follow rapid implementation methodology, and enable you to realize the benefits of OTM early at a lower cost.

Transportation Management - Accelerated Deployment Solution: The solution provides a framework for implementing SAP TM, which offers improved visibility into transport operations. SAP TM helps organizations improve service levels and resource availability and reduce transportation costs. The TCS solution comprises knowledge repositories, pre-built components, and reusable assets, which ensure rapid deployment of SAP TM.

Adaptive Shipment Budgeting Solution: Organizations in the transportation industry have to adapt to changing conditions to stay competitive. One area that impacts organizations’ efficiency is the long budgetary process involving numerous iterations. Our offering facilitates ‘what-if’ analysis on forecasts generated by back-end engines, providing an intuitive, integrated view of historical and forecasted budgetary parameters.

Integrated Rail Asset Management Solution: TCS' Integrated Rail Asset Management Solution focuses on the management of asset data, enabling effective maintenance of both linear and point assets. By treating data as an asset, our solution facilitates root cause analysis, ensures compliance with operational safety requirements, reduces the total cost of ownership, and minimizes system downtime.


From enhancing back-office operations to driving digital transformation, TCS' solutions and services enable transportation companies to increase efficiency, improve customer engagement, and drive business growth. Other key benefits include:

  • Improved profitability: TCS’ solutions help maximize revenues, ensure cost and service efficiency of operations, and help identify and eliminate revenue leakages and redundancies to improve operating margins.
  • Increased operational efficiency: TCS' managed transportation services help reduce operational costs by 15 to 30%.
  • Enhanced customer experience: TCS’ innovative solutions help deliver superior customer experience. We help our clients improve customer engagement by leveraging the power of social media analytics, as well as ensure marketing effectiveness through targeted campaigns.

TCS Advantage

Domain expertise: TCS has more than 15 years of experience in developing innovative solutions for the transportation industry. We have worked with leading logistics, shipping, freight, postal, and railway companies across the world, enabling them to transform their IT systems and achieve better operational efficiency.

Centers of Excellence and Innovation Labs: TCS’ Transportation CoE and Innovation Lab offer technology-focused IT solutions, reusable assets, tools, methodologies, and best practices to help companies increase productivity and realize cost savings.

Industry alliances: Our alliances with leading technology companies such as Oracle, Infor, SAP, JDA, Microsoft, and IBM enable us to offer advanced solutions and superior services.

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