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The hospitality industry is in the midst of global evolution. In today’s fast- changing global marketplace, hotel companies are striving to articulate, adopt and deliver the brand promise consistently throughout the value chain and across all stakeholder groups.


The hospitality industry is facing several challenges such as shortage of labor and skills, delivering to Gen X expectations, keeping pace with the global distribution revolution, ensuring consistent branding, measuring Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and so on.

Given below are some of the ways the hospitality industry has leveraged technology to overcome the challenges:

  • Reduced operational and support cost by improving efficiencies through process excellence and technology excellence
  • Provided consistent brand experience to customers by ensuring scalable infrastructure, repeatable processes and integrated systems
  • Delivered truly differentiated customer experience by creating enterprise frameworks and making use of smart technology to provide a seamless view of the customer across the value chain and at service-delivery touch points, including those managed by channel partners
  • Simplified infrastructure management and operations by leveraging virtual environment that allow properties to greatly reduce physical hardware assets on-site

What TCS Provides

TCS is a full-service player that provides domain consultancy, project management, application development and support, infrastructure service management and business process management services to its hospitality clients.

With our integrated suite of IT, infrastructure and business process outsourcing services, we can help hospitality companies with the following:

  • Lower their TCO of IT and infrastructure by up to 35%
  • Improve process efficiencies and service levels by up to 25%
  • Provide IT delivery quality improvements up to 30%

TCS Hospitality practice builds and delivers solutions for TCS clients in the hotels, resorts, restaurants and cruise line industries. We work with leaders in the industry across the globe, providing integrated IT, BPO and infrastructure services to enable flexible business model options for our clients. As active members of hospitality industry forums such as HTNG, we are is committed to leveraging technology to solve the industry’s most pressing business challenges. We partner with clients on key business transformation initiatives, including RFID guest recognition, personalized touch-points and contact-less check-in.

Our specialized offerings include the following:

  • Workforce Management Solution
  • E-Commerce Implementation
  • RFID Guest Recognition
  • Eco Sustainable Solution Frameworks
  • Mobility Solutions for enhanced guest experience
  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Loyalty Bonus Program Administration
  • Hotel Database Maintenance
  • Fraud Detection
  • Fare Filing and Distribution
  • Finance and Accounting Outsourcing
  • Human Resources Outsourcing
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Business Value

TCS brings with it over a decade of industry experience. Our value additions include the following:

  • Partnership with eco-sustainable companies to provide solutions for infrastructure and supporting facilities
  • Robust delivery model that incorporates a 25-point matrix-driven delivery system that measures SLA compliance, customer satisfaction, customer complaints, on-time delivery and defect-free delivery for service consistency
  • Innovation Labs that provide cutting-edge solutions
  • Leveraging TCS’ Co-Innovation Network (COIN™), a global research of academic institutions, start-up companies, venture funds, strategic alliance partners, multi-lateral organizations and key clients for innovative solutions
  • Access to multiple Centers of Excellence (CoEs) technical knowledge and domain, that provides the satisfaction of dealing with one-stop-solution providers
  • Productivity improvements up to 25% year-on-year

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