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Achieve higher operational efficiency, generate new revenue opportunities and get real time insights of your supply chain performance with our industry leading logistics IT solutions and services.

Growing competition and globalized operations make it necessary for logistics service providers (LSPs) to effectively collaborate with partners across the value chain, monitor processes end-to-end and adopt preventive strategies over the more traditional reactive approach to sustain profitability. To drive this, LSPs need to process large volumes of transaction data in real time to gain visibility into the supply chain, improve strategic decision making and deliver more efficient customer service.

We offer a range of solutions that help LSPs improve customer and vendor relationships, realize efficiencies, and utilize assets more productively. From enhancing customer and vendor management to optimizing managed transportation to driving digital transformation, our solutions empower LSPs to improve service delivery and drive customer centricity.

The TCS Advantage

With years of working with players from across the logistics landscape, TCS is well positioned to understand the challenges and pain points specific to the industry by leveraging:

  • Domain Rich Solutions: In addition to our proven BI frameworks, RoBIDSTM and FfBIDsTM, we have several niche offerings:

    • Transportation Management System (TMS): Our implementation accelerators and pre-built scenarios across freight flow processes enable early-to-market solutions for LSPs. Our wide spectrum of TMS related services includes providing AMS support and legacy support, as well as bespoke development including supporting and implementing TMS products.
    • Freight Insights: Our BI offerings and solutions harness our extensive experience in the logistics and transportation domain and are complemented by our rich repository of assets such as industry-standard Key Performance Indices (KPIs) and pre-built solution accelerators.
    • Connected Marketing Solutions: Our suite of digital offerings enables customer engagement channel transformation.
        • CubbuZZ Platform – Enables brands to run engaging marketing promotions on multiple channels
        • Listening Platform and Voice of Customer Analytics – Delivers customer insights across channels
        • Crowdwise – Offers innovative online monitoring and a customer experience measurement framework across touch points
        • Social CRM applications - Encourages participation among various stakeholders to support sales, marketing, as well as customer and business processes

  • Center of Excellence (CoE) and Innovation Labs: Our CoE and labs offer technology focused logistics IT solutions, reusable assets, tools, methodologies, and best practices, to provide effective solutions for higher productivity and cost savings.

  • Industry Alliances: Our alliances with leading companies such as Oracle, Infor, SAP, JDA, Microsoft and IBM, among others, enable us to provide advanced solutions to enterprises.


Our offering portfolio helps you:

  • Improve profitability: Maximize revenues with improved customer and vendor relationships. Ensure cost and service efficiency of operations with analytical insights from external and internal data sources. Identify and eliminate revenue leakages and redundancies to improve operating margins.
  • Drive operational efficiency: Monetize transactional data from external sources such as sensors, social platforms, and weather disruptions. Leverage BI and insights to achieve greater visibility on shipments, utilize assets more productively, and optimize your service portfolio.
  • Enhance customer centricity: Combine analytics and the power of social media to promote customer engagement and intimacy. Improve the relevance and reach of your customer and brand management initiatives and ensure marketing effectiveness through targeted campaigns.

Success stories 

A leading Switzerland based freight forwarder was encumbered with a complex IT landscape comprising legacy, SAP, and custom applications that rendered upgrading, integrating and maintaining the system increasingly challenging. To consolidate distributed systems under a single technology umbrella, the company decided to replace its legacy applications with SAP Transportation Management (TM) by partnering with TCS. We now provide the company SAP TM application management and testing services, as well as assistance on ongoing roll-outs and projects. Additionally, we have assumed complete ownership of the legacy freight forwarding application and transit warehousing system. We have also developed and are supporting multiple supply chain applications. Our Air and Ocean freight domain consultants assist the company in improving business message data quality and increasing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) penetration across the organization. With our comprehensive portfolio of service offerings, the freight company has gained a superior IT landscape that is a business enabler.

A leading transportation provider in Canada recognized the need to address increasing customer churn and operational inefficiencies with KPI driven BI solutions. To achieve its objective of improved sales performance and freight operations, the transportation provider partnered with TCS. We defined their BI landscape, formulating KPIs for different focus areas. Subsequently, we developed a wide variety of canned reports and interactive BI dashboards for different sales and freight operations KPIs. The transportation provider leverages our sales dashboards to drill down to identify the causes of customer loss and constantly monitor them for controlling the revenue loss. The Canadian provider now uses freight operations dashboards extensively to identify the most frequent operational failures in pickup, delivery, line haul and terminal operations and measure the effectiveness of its remedial measures.

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