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With ever changing fuel costs and sensitivity to environment preservation, railroad is now the most preferred option for freight and passenger transport. The three E’s - Economics, Energy and Environment of the contemporary world are driving railways around the globe to modernize their infrastructure. Operational efficiency, punctuality, maximization of resource utilization and visibility to operations are the key factors required to keep pace with the future. Optimizing the infrastructure investments without compromising on the safety and security are the other most important aspects that every railroad company needs to observe.



  • Coping with increased demand on already congested railway sections
  • Managing the shift in the load types from long distance rake loads to short distance less than a truck load
  • Providing speedy and punctual operations for changed load patterns
  • Improving client service and the real-time availability of customer information
  • Improving efficiency and resource utilization to combat increasing costs
  • Tackling the stiff competition from other sectors that enforce strict requirements on quality of service
  • Increasing efficiency for reducing fuel costs and helping the green environment cause service
  • Operating across diverse geographies with diverse operating systems and regulations

What TCS Provides

TCS offerings for the railroad industry can help its business partners in the following manner:

  • Optimizing the utilization of railway sections, terminals and rolling stock
  • Scheduling track maintenance with minimum impact on operations
  • Providing real-time schedule and location information to customers
  • Using innovative technology application to reduce loading/unloading turn around for virtual capacity improvement

As an enterprise that understands the railway industry, we at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) enable you to achieve your objectives without adversely affecting your business. Along with our domain experience and skills, we provide fully-integrated IT, IS and BPO offerings. These help you transform the way your enterprise functions, reduce costs and enable it to thrive in a challenging business environment. 

Our Solutions

Integrated Rail Asset Management Framework: Our holistic solution ensurs effective maintenance of both linear and point assets. By treating data itself as an asset, our solution facilitates root cause analysis, identification of solutions that meet operational safety requirements, reductions in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and minimization of downtime. It helps you implement and support the global rollout of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) products, and provide maintenance support for them.

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