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TCS helps British Airways manage and upgrade its mission-critical SAP systems

In this video, Garry Copeland, Director of Engineering at British Airways (BA), talks about BA’s partnership with TCS to manage and upgrade its mission-critical SAP systems. He describes how TCS has demonstrated leadership in technology and contributed to BA’s success.




TCS has made a direct contribution to allow us to be competitive and provide a good bottom line service to our shareholders as well as a good operational service to our customers.”  
– British Airways, Garry Copeland, Director of Engineering

British Airways (BA) is one of the world’s largest airlines, with a fleet of over 230 planes. BA Engineering has over 80 years of experience in providing maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to BA and other airlines.

Experience Results
BA Engineering’s first engagement with TCS was to manage its SAP systems, which supported its entire engineering operations. TCS took over the engagement from an existing vendor, making a smooth and seamless transition. This was followed by a major upgrade to the hardware, software and infrastructure associated with the SAP systems. This was a mission-critical project for BA and TCS helped complete it successfully. According to Garry, this has helped BA remain competitive in the UK and provide safe services to its customers.

Experience Partnership
One of the biggest reasons for Garry to continue working with TCS is its willingness and ability to work as a partner. According to him, very few things have gone wrong in the past and whenever there were challenges, TCS worked tirelessly alongside BA, enabling it to deliver seamless service to its customers.

Experience Leadership
Besides bringing in stability to the SAP ecosystem at BA, TCS has demonstrated technology leadership by working closely with BA on the adoption of newer technologies in the engineering space. This includes a mobility solution, which enables BA’s front-line field engineers and technicians with on-demand information that improves its productivity significantly.

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