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TCS’ mobility solution empowers Cargotec service technicians to work more efficiently and better serve remote customers

TCS implemented an SAP Mobile Platform solution to give Cargotec service technicians the ability to order parts, manage inventory, report time and costs, and generate reports on their laptops.

The Customer
Cargotec, a leading provider of cargo handling solutions, improves the efficiency of global cargo flows. Its products are present in every major cargo hub worldwide and are used in ships, ports, terminals, distribution centers, heavy industry and on-road load handling globally.

Business Challenge
For each of its cargo-moving equipment offerings, Cargotec’s mobile service technicians provide ongoing preventive maintenance and repairs. To serve remote customers, they relied on paper and clipboard processes. Cargotec sought a mobile solution that would connect its technicians directly, via laptop, to the information they needed, so that they could efficiently manage the service van, inventory of parts and directly order required parts, either from the central warehouse to the van, or to the customer’s location.

Cargotec Mobile Solution
To optimize order and inventory management efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction, TCS evaluated and analyzed a variety of possible mobility solutions. As part of the global process streamlining, we chose the SAP technology to implement the process of customer service. To that end, the mobile solution seamlessly integrates Cargotec's existing SAP ECC 6.0 back-end processes with SAP Mobile Platform (Sybase Unwired Platform), a mobile platform that overlays Cargotec’s back-end data sources and enhances them with mobile-specific scenarios and interfaces.

The TCS mobility solution at Cargotec has produced immediate quantitative and qualitative benefits:

  • Total effort of support staff needed to assist engineers on the road brought down from 27% to 5%
  • Data-capture errors avoided, and accuracy and time efficiency have greatly improved
  • The average turnaround time for completion in the system has been reduced from 38 days to 14 days – almost a 60% difference - supported by the new mobility solution
  • The newly gained process efficiencies also helped improve JIT inventory control and other resource scheduling
  • Access to detailed work orders and customer requests and requirements has enabled improvements in customer orientation and responsiveness

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