TCS helps Posten consolidate entire IT infrastructure

In this video, Sven Langerak, Deputy CIO, Corporate IT, Posten Norge (or Norway Post) describes how TCS took leadership of initiatives to deliver results – with certainty. Posten’s experience of working with TCS is best described in his closing words – “TCS actually came up on our radar when we saw that over many years, they'd been the number 1 in customer satisfaction in the Nordic region. And I must also say that our experience so far with TCS is that we believe they actually earn that position." 1




Posten Norge is a major Norwegian mail and logistics group, and among the largest in the Nordic region. Due to several acquisitions over time, the company was faced with the challenge of managing multiple, disparate IT infrastructures. To realize their goal of becoming an integrated, industrialised company, Posten created the One-IT transformation program to consolidate their diverse IT infrastructures into a single setup. TCS was one of the selected partners, and given with the additional responsibility of managing the entire program.

Experience Results
A crucial component to ensuring the success of the program was the creation of a consolidated master plan involving the other vendors – a TCS responsibility. To achieve this, TCS had to overcome the challenge of each vendor having a different planning approach. The creation of a common plan laid the foundation for the success of the project.

Another major initiative where Posten partnered with TCS was the Digital Rutebok (route book) project, a mobility solution designed to optimize mail staff productivity with real-time route updates and the ability to immediately report back specific address changes.

Experience Partnership
A large program such as One-IT is bound to be complex and susceptible to constant change. One aspect that Sven says impressed him was TCS ability to consistently accept and adapt to change, which helped Posten realize even greater benefits. TCS was also able to demonstrate a capacity for long-term thinking, and foster very good dialogues with Posten’s top management.

Experience Leadership
During the course of this partnership, there were several instances where TCS took leadership to deliver results. Sven cites an example where Posten were facing major challenges with a project for handled devices, and TCS stepped and successfully finalized the project for them. He also talks about how TCS provided valuable knowledge in the area of mobility. He ends by talking about how there were very few, if any, ‘surprises’ during the course of the partnership – proof that TCS does, indeed, “deliver with certainty”.

 1 Ref: 2015 Nordic IT Outsourcing Study by Whiteland Research in collaboration with PA Consulting Group

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